Criminal Defense for Hernando County

 At Bauer, Crider, Kenny and Parry, we are your criminal defense for Hernando county.  We believe an aggressive, reputable lawyer is essential if you have been charged with any type of misdemeanor or felony offense in Hernando County, Florida. Conviction of a criminal offense in Herando County can result in significant consequences including the loss of freedom, family, career, or reputable status within the community. Incarceration and fines meted out by the court can affect you and your family for many years. In order to preserve what you value the most, it is imperative that you obtain a criminal defense lawyer that will use their professional skill in protecting your freedom and property during all phases of your case.
The criminal defense attorneys at Bauer, Crider, Kenny and Parry are strongly committed to defending your rights, freedom, and property. From the moment you hire Bauer, Crider, Kenny and Parry to represent your case, we will commence an aggressive defense strategy to win your case your case with professionalism, compassion, and confidentiality.
The defense team at Bauer, Crider, and Parry will thoroughly investigate every aspect of your charge. As we proceed together, we will provide you with guidance on what the best options are in your case. Each criminal case is different, and in some, a plea deal agreement might be the best possible solution to avoid a tougher sentence at trial. We resolutely believe that accepting a plea should never be done without the professional representation of a competent criminal defense team. Additionally, we will inform you of any potential legal alternatives including, deferred adjudication or probation, if applicable.
A professional from Bauer, Crider, and Parry can determine, from the facts researched in your case, the likelihood of winning at trial. If there is the opportunity to receive a not guilty verdict by taking the case through the court process, we will provide you with a forceful defense, even if you believe that your case can’t be won.
A criminal charge in Herando County and the potential loss of freedom and other essential rights is an emotional and serious event for anyone. The attorneys at Bauer, Crider, Kenny Parry, are here for you during this difficult process and will aggressively and effectively handle every aspect of your criminal defense. We have provided Hernando County with over 30 years of strong criminal defense, stronger results, and over 130 combined years of legal experience.
Never believe you can’t win.